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We are having an impact on the markets of the world.
With impressive benefits for our customers.

Embossing, printing, finishing... when it comes to advanced surfaces and designs, our products are not far away.

I'm sure you have long since been acquainted with the quality of our rollers: Whether it is floors, cars, textiles, packaging or hygiene items of all kinds - everywhere in the world UNGRICHT rollers make an impression with their functionality, convenience and image for countless items, which surround us every day.

Embossing rollers, calendering rollers, anilox rollers, printer rollers: Driven by vision.

From design and development through to the finished roller ready for use: we provide solutions to every conceivable field of application. Even for such things, which may for the moment only exist in your imagination - Still possible! Because our job is to develop and realise your visions.

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