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automotive / artificial leather

Looks good for you.

Synthetic leather compared with real leather offers many advantages and opportunities. It is free from natural blemishes and more robust and cheaper than genuine leather. By using UNGRICHT rollers, synthetic leather achieves a changeable appearance, which approximately very closely to that of genuine leather or produces its own peculiar, futuristic design. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Depending on the application, printing or coating rollers with different engraving surfaces and/or technical surface refinements are used for synthetic leather, calendering or embossing rollers. Even temperature-controlled rollers conforming to DGRL 2014/68/EU offer exciting opportunities for processing.

Car suppliers, in particular, appreciate UNGRICHT for its fully integrated production and design competence. Thus, we find ourselves constantly exchanging with the design developers for virtually all the automotive manufacturers operating worldwide.  

Similarly, all the well-known designs of the ‘big players’ from the furnishing and fashion industry find their way into UNGRICHT collections.
  • Embossing rollers
  • Printing rollers
  • Anilox rollers
  • Smoothing and de-lustring rollers
  • Design service
    • approx. 45,000 embossed designs
    • approx. 50,000 printed designs
  • Design and development facilities for special customer requirements in our 2D/3D design studio (scanning and layout)
  • Calender rolls (engraved and smooth) for all plastic applications in film and sheet/plate production
  • Engraved calender rolls for embossing
  • Special embossing rollers with non-stick properties for rollers and products
  • Ceramic embossing rolls / smoothing rolls
  • Design printing forms (roller/sleeves)
  • Applicator rolls for a wide variety of tasks (engraved and smooth) for the application of additives / varnishes / silicones /adhesives
  • Heated rollers (including pressure chambers in accordance with DGRL 2014/68/EU)
  • Cooling rollers
  • Rubber impression rollers for coating and printing stations
  • Special coatings on rollers for printing applications
  • Installation of bearings and other attachments
  • Complete in-house production of all rollers in a separate production facility (incl. CAD engineering)
  • Different Laser engraving technologies
  • Mill engraving processes
  • Sophisticated gravure etching processes
  • A great variety of high-quality engraving processes such as milling and grinding
  • Traditional tool and etching systems
  • Special galvanic coatings (Chromium, nickel, copper)
  • Non-stick coatings
  • In-house production of engraving tools
  • Automotive industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Fashion industry (Handbags, footwear, garment)
  • Sports products (e.g. footballs)

Artificial leather is a natural or synthetic fibre fabric that is coated with a soft PVC or polyurethane layer. With our embossing rollers, you can create the appearance of natural leather, or any other required surface structure.

UNGRICHT offers you its expertise. We will be happy to recommend, and provide samples of, the most suitable designs for various applications.

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