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flexoprinting / packaging

A unique global product range.

Whether it is anilox rollers with ceramic or hard chrome-plated surfaces, sleeves or technical rollers: UNGRICHT is the only manufacturer in the world to supply the full range of dimensions!
  • Anilox rollers (ceramic and chromium plated anilox rollers)
  • Ceramic sleeves
  • Technical rollers (e.g. central cylinders, air cylinders)
  • Complete production of all rollers in our own production facility (incl.  CAD engineering)
  • Supply of rollers for all current machine types.
  • Refurbishment true to original, re-engraving and repair of existing rollers
  • Inspection and preparation of reports on receipt and before delivery of rollers
  • All coating processes, such as ceramic coatings and galvanic coatings (Ni, Cu, Cr) on site
  • Advanced engraving facility, including ceramic laser engraving CO2  + YAG, direct laser engraving, digital engraving and mechanical engraving, for all sizes.
  • In-house mill engraving facility
  • Technical printing advice
  • Advice for selection of engraving (wide choice of Anilox rollers with different fineness and screen)
  • Estimation of volume
  • Assessment of wear
  • Roller cleaning service
CO2 + YAG Laser up to 6000mm x 600mm Ø

Mechanical engraving for up to 8500 mm x 1000 mm, with special dimensions to order.
  • Complete manufacturing processes
  • Grinding of rollers in-house Galvanic coatings such as chromium, nickel, copper
  • Plasma coatings
  • Ceramic coatings, various
  • Different Laser engraving technologies
  • Mill engraving, mechanical engraving
  • Installation of bearings and other attachments
  • Plastic packaging materials (e.g. PE, PET, PVC, PS, PP, PC, metallised foil)
  • Packaging made from paper, carton, cardboard, etc.
  • Tissue industry (e.g. serviettes, toilet tissue)
  • Wallpaper industry
  • Glass industry
  • Cork industry
  • Special applications in the area of decor (e.g. porous varnish, matt / lustre effects)

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