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Precious from valuable.

Leather is a valuable material, which is mainly used in the automotive, furnishings and fashion and clothing industry.

The starting point, the hides, are very seldom in perfect condition and blemishes or injuries may show up which means that nearly every leather needs to be prepared and refined using intricate process for the respective use.

Embossing rollers, roll burnishing or coating rollers as well as printing rollers and embossing plates made by UNGRICHT are used all over the world to provide the original leather with a high-quality finish making it into a unique, precious product.

The biggest embossing collection with more than 45,000 leather structures, state-of-the-art design development technology including 3D prototyping, thousands of printing designs and special engravings for coatings and lacquering operations make UNGRICHT your natural partner when it comes to leather refinement.

  • Embossing rollers
  • Printing rollers
  • Screen rollers
  • High mirror rollers
  • Embossing plates
  • High mirror plates
  • Design service (more than 45.000 embossing designs & 50.000 printing designs for different applications
  • Design development

Supplying of embossing rollers and plates for all current machines on the market.
  • Complete roller and plate in-house manufacturing process and all requested technologies
  • Different laser technologies for engraving
  • Traditional tool and etching systems
  • Special galvanic coatings
  • Ceramic coating
  • Automotive industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Fashion industry (Handbags, footwear, garment)
  • Book binding fabrics

Leather is a natural product and consequently it has different variations in quality. The using of embossing rollers and embossing plates to improve the leather is absolutely essential.

UNGRICHT has the knowledge to recommend the most suitable designs out of our large collection for your different applications. Please be kind enough to let us know timely, if you are planning some new projects.

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