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UNGRICHT is impressive in its look and functionality.

Paper, as it comes out of manufacturing, is often lacking in terms of an appealing look and feel.

From simple, smooth paper UNGRICHT embossing rollers are able to conjure up papers with a handmade paper aesthetic. The look of linen can be introduced, or just to improve formability, as might be desired in the case of wallpapers, which need to be bonded round corners. Functionality and aesthetics can be clearly improved by embossing and meet respective requirements.

Come to us: Allow us to conjure something up from more than 20,000 different designs!
  • Printing cylinders, gravure printing plates
  • Embossing rollers for decorative and technical surfaces, for single-sided or double-sided embossing (female die/male die)
  • De-lustering rollers/smoothing rollers/superfinishing rollers
  • Anilox rollers for printing and coating in ceramic and chrome-plated design
  • Ceramic coatings and other special coatings
  • Various technical rollers, including heating and cooling rollers for a wide variety of applications
  • Rubber rollers (also engraved)
  • Design service and design development
  • Data sheet preparation, digital data,3D simulations, test embossing on laboratory pilot installations, Preliminary vibration analysis Design consultancy
  • Repair service
  • Roller cleaning service
  • On-site roller measurement service
Up to Ø 1000mm x 9500mm
  • Manufacture and engraving of new rollers
  • Roller refurbishment
  • Laser / different technologies 
  • Mill engraving 
  • Mechanical engraving (turning / milling) 
  • Electronic engraving 
  • Etched engraving 
  • Combination of different engraving methods 
  • Engraving of hardened and unhardened rollers 
  • Roller manufacture 
  • 2D scanning + 3D scanning 
  • 3D simulations 
  • CAD design 
  • Galvanic coatings (Ni / Cu / Cr) 
  • Various plasma coatings 
  • Technical facilities for sample production
  • Decorative paper for the furniture industry
  • Release paper 
  • Folder paperboard / book covers 
  • Fine paper 
  • Bottle neck paper 
  • Labels 
  • Writing paper 
  • Wallpaper 
  • Gift wrapping paper 
  • Cardboard packaging / corrugated cardboard 
  • Packaging 
  • Cigarette paper

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