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Commonplace. But never standard.

Plastics have long since conquered the world. We encounter them everywhere. The possibilities they offer are virtually endless. The same also applies in respect of our rollers: They are indispensable for the manufacture and refinement of plastics.

If you are using a structured surface, embossing rollers are usually used. Whether they are heated, chilled or otherwise, the application is the determining factor.
It is highly probable that our structures will accompany you throughout your lifetime.
  • Calender rolls (engraved and smooth) for all plastic applications in film and sheet/plate production
  • Engraved calender rolls for embossing
  • Heated tempering rolls with special coatings
  • Engraved casting rolls for cast film applications
  • Special embossing rolls for markings
  • Special embossing rolls for anti-block characteristics
  • Special embossing rolls for print optimization
  • Special embossing rolls with anti-stick characteristics for roll and product
  • Ceramic embossing rolls / smoothing rolls
  • Design printing forms (roller/sleeves)
  • Color coating rollers
  • Anilox rollers for inline flexoprinting
  • Applicator rolls for a wide variety of tasks
  • (engraved and smooth) for the application of additives / varnishes / silicones /adhesives
  • Design Development to specific customer requirements in our modern 2D/3D Design studio
  • Anvil rollers for ultrasonic processes such as laminating, embossing or cutting
  • Heating rollers
  • Cooling rollers
  • Rubber impression rollers for coating and printing stations
  • Special coatings on rollers for printing applications
  • Mounting of bearings and other attached parts
  • Repair service of engraved Calender rollers world wide
Up to 9500mm x 1200mm Ø
  • Complete roller manufacturing processes
  • Grinding of rollers in-house
  • Hot grinding of rollers under working temperatures
  • Different Laser engraving technologies
  • Mill engraving technologies
  • Highly developed etching technologies
  • Various high quality engraving methods like drilling and grinding
  • Hardening by nitriding technology
  • Hardening by inductive technology
  • Galvanic coating Chrome-Nickel-Copper
  • Chemical plating like Nickel
  • Plasma coatings (2 technologies)
  • Ceramic coating
  • sandblasting installations
  • Film / Sheet production e.g.: artificial leather / automotive / packaging / hygiene /office supplies / decorative films / floor coverings / technical films
  • Plastic panel production for: vehicle manufacture / shop construction / facades /acrylic glass
  • Profile manufacture for: windows / window sills / door frames / worktops / wall and ceiling panels


Russia and CIS countries / sheet extrusion

Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

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