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ultrasonic applications

Ultra-effective with UNGRICHT.

Embossing, laminating and cutting using ultrasound: This technology offers benefits, which UNGRICHT customers have been appreciating for a long time now.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-precision, engraved ultrasound anvil rollers to exploit the benefits of ultrasound technology effectively and systematically!
  • Patented, temperature-controllable ultrasonic anvil rollers
  • Ultrasonic anvil rollers including high-precision bearing systems
  • Ultrasonic calendar
  • Corner designs integrated into production installations
  • Complete ultrasonic welding installations
  • Design and development facilities for special customer requirements in our 2D/3D design studio
  • World-wide repair service
All current sizes
  • Grinding of rollers in-house
  • Hot grinding of rollers at operating temperature
  • Nitride hardening
  • Induction hardening
  • Vacuum furnace hardening
  • Various laser engraving processes
  • Mill engraving processes
  • Sophisticated gravure etching processes
  • A great variety of high-quality engraving processes such as milling and grinding
  • Installation of bearings and other attachments
  • Complete in-house production of all roller types (incl. pressure chambers acc. to DGRL 2014/68/EU)
  • Non-stick coatings
  • Special galvanic coatings
  • Ceramic coatings
  • Partial lamination of multilayer products, e. g. production of filter media
  • Lamination for continuously linking multi-layer products, e.g. for the production of backing sheets for roof coverings
  • Welding for the permanent connection of several layers of different materials, e.g. manufacture of hygiene products.
  • Cutting and welding in, and across the working direction in a single operation, for example for the production of disposable medical products.
  • Embossing of brand marks or decorative elements, for example seat coverings and internal trim of motor cars.
  • Cross seaming applications, for example for the production of training pants or incontinence products.
  • Spot welding and hot cutting in a single operation (in and at right angles to the working direction), for example during the manufacture of foil pouches.
  • Cutting to shape and perforation in, and across the working direction at high processing speeds
  • Various further applications

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