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calender rollers

So that everything goes smoothly: Calendering rollers from UNGRICHT.

Embossing, smoothing, compacting, calendering: Perfect, fault-free surfaces form the basis for unblemished products with low tolerances. It’s no accident that UNGRICHT calendering rollers are everywhere to be found where it’s all about ultra-precision.

Rollers for wallcovering, flooring, finished film, film for furniture, edgebanding, leather and artificial leather, various synthetic materials, hygienic film, technical film, film for waste-disposal, roofing, ponds and pools, coated film, release paper, cigarette paper, various types of paper, cardboard, tin foil and coated tin foil, aluminium foil, HDF plates, MDF materials, spunbonded nonwovens, carded nonwovens, spunlace, airlaid, cotton wool, tissue, ultrasonic applications, thermo-lamination, crimping, coated textiles, glass, fibre glass, acrylic glass, synthetic plates, plastic profiles, wall panels, pedestal ridges etc.

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