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ceramic coated screen rollers / anilox rollers and ceramic coated sleeves

Ultimate precision.

Our laser-engraved ceramic anilox rollers and sleeves have a high-density, ultra-wear-resistant surface for use in the coating industry, for flexo and offset printing. Wherever an exact quantity of media transfer is required consistently over a lengthy period of time, our product offers increased productivity thanks to the use of process-optimised UNGRICHT engraving equipment with refinements from 10 to 1000 L/cm.

If a million raster units per cm² is insufficient for you, then come to us!
Laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers and sleeves for flexo printing, precolouring, priming, coating with lacquer, silicon, cold- and hotmelt and glue, lamination of all kinds, impregnation etc.
Special anilox rolls for offset lacqering machines. Ceramic coating of anilox and other rolls.

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