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flexoprinting rollers

UNGRICHT flexoprinting rollers and sleeves Printing quality without compromise.

Our ceramic anilox rollers with a high-density and ultra-wear-resistant chrome oxide surface coating support laser engraving customised for your specific applications for transferring quantities of colour with process precision.

From full-cover printing to high-resolution HD flexo printing we offer your customer-driven solutions. Ask for our special engraving service.

Also our chrome-plated anilox rollers - we can offer you an extensive range of types of engraving for all your flexo printing applications.

Our production service, in particular, can offer you solutions for rollers with oversized dimensions both in diameter and in length.

Laserengraved flexoprinting rollers for wallcovering, gift paper, packaging, logo-identification, nonwoven printing, tin lacquering and other technical applications.

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