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roller body manufacturing

Manufacture of roller bodies by UNGRICHT: Precisely to your specifications

We manufacture in house all unfinished bodies for the types of roller presented here - to the highest quality standard with ultra-precision. In addition to the actual

mechanical production, our range of services also includes what was previously

CAD engineering including all calculations and analyses for the individual design of the roller to meet your specific application. UNGRICHT is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

for the construction of pressure equipment in accordance with DGRL 97/23/EC and, in accordance with AD2000 regulations, produces

rollers, when required TÜV-tested, for heating with oil, hot water or steam.

Legal certainty for our customers - this is also part of what we have to offer!
All aforementioned cylinders can be manufactured acc. to drawing e.g. printing rollers, embossing rollers, calender rollers, anilox rollers, pressure rollers, smoothing rollers, heating and cooling rollers as well as coating rollers (max. barrel width 10000 mm, max. diameter 1800 mm).

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